Glena's Tacos & Margaritas

The Dogpatch, where I live, is a small up-and-coming neighborhood with a delicious array of restaurants. Seriously, we're spoiled for food down here (and sunshine, but that's another story). The most recent addition to the hood is Glena's Tacos & Margaritas, which opened up a few months ago in the former New Spot location. They re-did the interiors to be bright and fresh, and introduced a simple, but utterly delicious menu.

There are five tacos, a few mains, a handful of sides, and the best fried chicken torta ever. The food is not fussy, but features flavors and ingredients that stand out above the standard SF taco. Additions of charred onion, pineapple, and chipotle mayo add a depth I didn't know I was missing. The sauce for the aforementioned torta, which I've ordered more times than I'd like to admit, is amazing and adds a hefty kick. They recently added margaritas to their repertoire, which I haven't tried yet, but given their track record promise to be delicious. 

So, come to the Dogpatch, have a taco, a torta, and a margarita (or two), then explore our cool little hood and check out all it has to offer.

Glena's Tacos & Margaritas 632 20TH ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94107

Photos by Andy Viernes

Styling by Sasha Moyer Basso

Plates and glasses from West Elm.