Not Just For Kids

One of the hardest parts of having kids, barring the whole keeping them alive while maintaining your sanity bit, is preventing their stuff from taking over your house. While some people are perfectly content to let their primary and neon colored accoutrements cover every inch of their homes, for the design conscious, it can be a downright painful experience - and I’m not talking about stepping on legos.

I’ve tried to keep some sense of style when purchasing things for my son, making sure his stuff blends in with the rest of the house. But try as I might, sometimes it’s impossible to find anything chic that isn’t prohibitively expensive, or something good looking just doesn’t exist! In the case of play mats for the crawling child, it was the latter. I ended up purchasing the least offensive one I could find, which, while tolerable, wasn’t particularly exciting.

Now, there’s a new brand on the market that I’m so happy to share. I stumbled upon Ruggish play mats by Savary + Sons on Instagram and was amazed by how downright cool they were. Instead of the usual childish prints and neon colors, designer and owner Liza uses real rug patterns and styles to produce mats that fit right into a home. From afar, it truly looks like a normal rug and it’s only when you get up close that you realize it’s actually a children’s play mat. The mats are generously sized, the perfect thickness for supporting hours of play and tons of tumbles, and super easy to clean.

After I commented on a photo, Liza and I connected and decided to collaborate on some photos of the rug in action in my loft. I showcased it in all the main rooms and it currently lives in my family room where it’s getting daily use. If I could, I think I’d have one in every room - they’re really just that good. I had so much fun styling and shooting with my son, dog and photographer friend Andy. Hope you enjoy!

Learn more about Ruggish here:

Styling: Sasha Moyer Basso
Photos: Andy Viernes
Models: Luca the baby, Senna the Frenchie, with minor appearance by Frisee the Cat